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Zoot Brand Review (updated February 5, 2020)

January 17, 2020

In this post let’s check out the Zoot brand. As a non-native English speaker I like to look for the meaning of the brand names. This time it’s Zoot. Taking into account that Zoot Sports is triathlon’s original apparel brand the meaning of their brand name could come from a “zoot suit”. Used as a slang it means “A man’s suit popular during the early 1940s, characterized by wide-legged, tight-cuffed trousers and a long coat with wide lapels and heavily padded, wide shoulders.” Maybe that’s why the participants of TEAM ZOOT call them self “zooters”.

Below you can find further information regarding the history of Zoot, their products and sponsored athletes.

The History of Zoot

Chistal Nylin Zoot founder
Chistal Nylin Courtesy: Zootsports.com

Zoot was founded in 1983 in the heart of Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. Christal Nylin, who lived in Kona, noticed that the athletes competing in Ironman needed something more functional to race in. she began sewing pads into run shorts, experimenting with swim fabrics, attaching run singlets to bike shorts and eventually, created one and two-piece racesuits for triathletes racing Ironman. In 1996, Zoot Hawaii moved to California and the product line has expanded since. Zoot sports has gone through several ownership changes over the years.

In 2017 former Zoot Sports employees Shawn O’Shea and Dan Weatherford have purchased the brand back from Newell Brands and have moved the brand back to Carlsbad, California. Zoot Sports is now under the umbrella of Zoot Squad, Inc. Through the years the brand has expanded more into footwear and other categories but O’Shea said the relaunched brand will keep its focus on athletes — triathletes especially. “Too many brands see triathlon only as a springboard or stepping stone. We see triathlon as our family,” said O’Shea. “Instead of looking for the next great thing, we are committed to our singular goal of being the best triathlon brand in the world.”

Zoot Sports was the Official Swim Course Sponsor for The Championship of Challenge Family event in 2019 and is in 2020. The Championship 2020 takes place in the middle of Europe, on May 31 in Samorin, Slovakia. Zoot Sports is also swim sponsor of Challenge Mallorca on October 17, in Peguera Mallorca, Spain.

Zoot Products

Zoot Sports specializes in triathlon training and race day apparel. Zoot has grown to be a global premier endurance sports brand, distributed worldwide and is the creator of the first triathlon-specific footwear line. Zoot continues to draw on its history in the sport and its athletes to deliver the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced, and complete multisport product line in the world.

If we look at the Zoot official website Zootsports.com there are such categories: New Releases, Mens, Womens, Youth, Sale, Custom Apparel and Team Zoot. Under “Mens” and “Womens” you can shop collections or by sport – Shoes, Wetsuits, Triathlon, Swim, Bike and Run, as well as you can buy accessories – Socks, Hats, Bags and Gift Cards. “Youth” offers superb tri apparel for children. Go to “Custom Apparel” if you want to get a customized kit for you or your team. Under “Team Zoot” you can get the feeling of the Zoot Ohana (read more in the section “Sponsored Athletes”). 

Regarding triathlon wetsuits there are four (six) models for men and women – Wikiwiki, Wave 3 (Wahine 3), Wave 2 (Wahine 2) and Wave 1 (Wahine 1). In the following posts I will describe these wetsuits in more detail.

Sponsored Athletes

Team Zoot logo
Team Zoot 2020 Logo

Since 2008 Zoot has established TEAM ZOOT. TEAM ZOOT represents what being a triathlete is all about – Ohana (meaning in Hawaiian Family). TEAM ZOOT ‘s focus and goal is to create a community and movement within the triathlon space around the globe by creating a source of motivation, support and friendship throughout its members. “Everything we stand for as a brand is exemplified by the members of TEAM ZOOT,” says Shawn O’Shea, Owner, Zoot Sports. “The athlete is the center of our sport, and because of that, at the center of our brand.” TEAM ZOOT is made up of over 600 new athletes from every level and Zoot relies on them for product feedback and testing for constant improvement of their triathlon gear.  

Zoot sponsors also pro athletes and one of them is long course triathlete – Ben Hoffman and Ellie Salthouse

Related Websites

In the following posts I will describe Wikiwiki, Wave 3 (Wahine 3), Wave 2 (Wahine 2) and Wave 1 (Wahine 1) wetsuits in more detail. 

Meanwhile, I comprised a list of related websites and posts about Zoot.

Official Zoot website – Zootsports.com

Team Zoot

Challenge Family Championship

Challenge Peguera Mallorca

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  1. Well, other than the Olympics, I don’t really pay much attention to the trialthon sport. However, it feels so good to finally learn about the giant of the industry when it comes to apparel and kit making for the sport. Zoot is really a big topper in this industry and their advancements has really helped this sport in general. Good post here. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment. I find it exceptionally interesting that Zoot was founded in the very heart of Ironman triathlon – Hawaii!

  2. Hello there,I must say that you have done a very nice job on this article as it is very important and informative too.i have alot of history with brands like this and I must say that although most of them didn’t go well because of lack of quality…but the zoot is one of the best out there…and I would like everyone to try them out.

    1. I am glad you like it. I find it cool that this brand comes from the very heart of Ironman triathlon – Hawaii!

  3. Wow. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing review about Zoot Brand.

    It’s the first time for me when I hear about the Zoot brand. I really like that you have described the history of this brand which makes me very curious and I want to buy products from them. I used to run a lot and this year I decided to take part in a triathlon competition. These costumes are unimaginable and when wearing them make me feel like a hero.
    Do you think I could order a personalized suit  with my name on it? It would help me a lot in the contest when I will participate. Thanks again and keep in touch! 

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