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Aspire Wetsuit (updated November 20, 2019)

November 18, 2019

In this post you can find information about the Zone 3 Aspire wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. 

Description of Aspire Wetsuit

The manufacturer Zone 3 description of Aspire: “One of the highest-rated wetsuits of the last decade winning a wide range of industry awards. Perfect for beginners all the way through to elites.”


Aspire can be used for beginners as well as top level athletes.  Models  available for men and women. Buoyancy – 5mm thickness on the front of the legs and lower torso, 1.5mm in total areas of houlder and chest.  Standard manufacturer price €440 ($487). Zone3 Aspire wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: and Triathlete Sports.

Key Features of Aspire Wetsuit

  • A new integrated one-piece shoulder and chest panel design
  • Aerodome materials have been added on the leg side panels and hips to help support the core leg muscles further. 
  • A new laser cut collar
  • Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs for rapid removal
  • Premium inner linings
  • Downwards YKK zipper

Reviews about Aspire Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Aspire wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Aspire wetsuits.

Review on the “Mightybenblog” website, dated August 31, 2018 (Vanquish vs Archimedes 3).

Short summary: The Aspire is a few years old, and isn’t in the best condition any more (which is why I’ve bought a new wetsuit), so the comparison favors the Vanquish.

Review on the “Tri247” website, dated July 25, 2016.

Short summary: It’s not the cheapest and to it’s credit by far from the most expensive wetsuit but it is a brilliant wetsuit. Try one, test one, You’ll probably buy one!

Review on the “Triathlon Magazine Canada” website, dated September 8, 2016.

Short summary:  If you’re looking for a speed advantage in your autumn A race this year, Zone3 is a brand to check out.

Review on the “Itsonlyamedal” website, dated September 14, 2016.

Short summary: If you are in the market for a good quality suit that will not only look good but help you swim smoother and faster, then I would really consider the Zone 3 Aspire.

Review on the “220triathlon” website, dated May 12, 2015.

Short summary: Ticks all the major boxes in terms of buoyancy, flexibility and ease of removal, 91%.

Review on the Youtube channel “Sigma Sports”, dated February 28, 2014.

Review on the Youtube channel “Rick Kiddle”, dated November 8, 2014.

Review on the “The5krunner” website, dated 2013.

Short summary: Over rating: 9/10. It it fits you, buy it.

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Zone3 Aspire wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: and Triathlete Sports.

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  1. Coming from an open water swimmer background, I was always a little hesitant about buying a triathlon wetsuit. Up until this purchase, I have always swum in 2mm surfing wetsuits with short legs.
    It took a little adjustment in my technique, but after that first swim, I was hooked!
    Some neck rub on stormer days and very delicate. The included gloves are essential, even if they do make you looks little strange in the car park!
    Nice job Zone 3

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