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Ghost II Wetsuit

April 14, 2020

In this post you can find information about the Yonda Ghost II wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Ghost II Wetsuit

The manufacturer Yonda description of Ghost II: “The all-new 2020 Ghost II is the most performance enhancing and flexible wetsuit we ever built. We have designed the ultimate performance wetsuit that optimizes your body position and works with your body (not against it) delivering an unparalleled feeling as you cut through the water.”

Ghost II is a top-level wetsuit. Models available for men and women. Body construction using 4.5mm. Standard manufacturer price £589 ($737).

Key Features of Ghost II Wetsuit

  • 59-59 ™: 4 way stretch,flexible and durable neoprene. Yonda’s exclusive NEW exclusive 0.5mm high tech neoprene is as flexible as Yamamoto 40 cell
  • Vector catch panels: Hydrophobic fabric panel sensitizes the vital catch phase at the front end of your stroke giving you enhanced ‘feel of the water’ and improved propulsion
  • Y-stretch side panel ™: Increases hip rotation flexibility, allows you to reach and stretch without any force pulling against you
  • V – Force Flex System ( VFF ) ™: This new panel (now using 59:59™ ) gives the wearer even more efficiency and enables maximum arm reach and stretch without any force pulling against you
  • SCS coating
  • Y-KICK SYSTEM ™: Unique smooth lining allows the suit to glide off the legs lightening fast
  • 10k Collar: New single layer collar has been tested by many long-distance swimmers without causing irritation, prevents water ingress to the suit
  • Reverse Zip
  • Trim lines: Tailoring your wetsuit leg is becoming quite common. You will notice 3 lines on the inside of the leg of every YONDA suit which can be used as a guide to tailor your suit without damaging the stitching

Reviews about Ghost II Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Yonda Ghost II wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about theYonda Ghost II wetsuits.

Review on the “Outdoor Swimmer” website.
Short summary: Although it’s a pricey suit, it’s comparable (and in some cases cheaper) than other top-of-the range wetsuits and it more than holds its own in the water.

Video on the Youtube channel “Yonda Sports“, dated March 28, 2016

Review on the “220triathlon” website.
Short summary: A highly comfortable and a superb all-rounder that’s also the cheapest here 92%.

Reviews on Yonda website

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