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Hurricane Cat 5 Wetsuit

November 26, 2020

In this post you can find information about the TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Hurricane Cat 5 Wetsuit

The manufacturer TYR description of Hurricane Cat 5: “Engineered for elite performance, the Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 utilizes a slew of advanced features to provide optimum stability, maximized speed and energy efficiency in the water.”

Hurricane Cat 5 is for top level athletes. Models available for men and women. Buoyancy – 4 mm in legs, abdomen, chest, 1,5 mm in nech, arms, shoulders, 3 mm lower abdomen and lower back, 1 mm under arms and 2 mm in the back. Standard manufacturer price €756 ($899.99). Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit purchase options by affiliate Triathlete Sports and Amazon co.uk.

Key Features of Hurricane Cat 5 Wetsuit

  • Constructed with 44 Cell Yamamoto neoprene
  • Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Coating
  • 360 degree core stabilization system
  • Form-fitting wrist cuffs
  • Quick release ankle cuffs
  • An innovative antimicrobial lining
  • State-of-the-art range of motion zones

Reviews about Hurricane Cat 5 Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit.

Video on the Youtube channel “Swimoutletdotcom“, dated November 2, 2020

Review on the Trivelo website, dated September 10, 2020.

Short summary: If you’re at the pointy end of racing and performance is important to you, then this is an exceptional option and in my opinion worth the price tag.

Tutorial on the Youtube channel “TriO Events“, dated May 15, 2019

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Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit purchase options by affiliate Triathlete Sports and Amazon co.uk.

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