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Experience of Wetsuit Users

Experience of Dzintars (

November 26, 2019
In this post you can read about the experience regarding triathlon wetsuit use of Dzintars. He’s training with the amateur triathlon team “” in Rīga, Latvia. He shares his experience about Sailfish One, Blueseventy Helix and Zone 3 Vision wetsuits. Many thanks for sharing his experience!

Triathlon wetsuit user experience of Dzintars

My first wetsuit was Orca Equip of some friend of the friend. Today that chap manages to be on podium in all races when he gets to the finish line. So I am a bit proud that I still have his suit on the shelf. Close to 10 years have run from the day I started to do some triathlon trainings and since then I managed to enjoy 9 Ironman finishes, last of them in Kona. As you all know, Kona is no wetsuit zone. So I was wearing nice swimskin, but that’s another story.
To be frank, I am not the best swimmer in the crowd. My strongest discipline is bike. Bit that’s the reason why I turn big attention to the wetsuit performance, as it delivers me some extra speed in the race or simply gives more confidence. Coming back to the wetsuits. Last I tried for a while was Sailfish One. Very cozy suit, perfect for trainings, still felt a bit slower that my racing Helix. Easy to put on and off as it has the zipper that you normally can close without the help of others. I liked also the feeling of shoulder freedom… I am not that skinny type of athlete that can sneak into slim fit apparel, that’s why I noticed the fit of the suit so much. Sailfish defiantly is great suit, but as said, the feeling of speed was not there and it’s gone now.



Dzintars with the finisher medal of Ironman WC 2019
Dzintars as a finisher of Ironman WC 2019
So I still have my rusty trusty Blueseventy Helix. Legendary suit as you all know. It’s fast, it’s giving the right streamline, I hate the way how to close the zipper and neck is a bit too tight for me, but it’s still giving me the right feeling of speed and at the end of the day it has been with me in six out of nine. Two small holes at the armpit, otherwise rather fresh. I have that version with the linen on arms and the connection point with neoprene is not very durable as it seems. I have noticed that they have changed the fabrics on arms for newer generation suits, so it should be better now.
Observing how wetsuit industry develops, its rather clear that market is full of great quality fast suits. Some of them are overpriced, but most still worth to try. I am very curious about those made by Roka. I hope to try one next season. 
And by the way, I almost forgot to say… My new training mate is Zone 3 Vision. Sleeveless version. That was one good buy. I have got it from end of season sales for ridiculously good price. I can say you that sleeveless suit is one very convenient suit for trainings in warmer water (when it’s lower then 19 Celsius, then it’s less pleasant). It’s so easy and quick to put it on and of. It gives also very good water feeling as arms and shoulders has no cover.  Seems that Zone 3 specifically has a bit softer neoprene. You can feel that it’s more elastic when putting on. It makes it very comfortable, but side effect is cuts that you can get very quickly. Just have to be more cautious.
That’s it for today. Have fun!

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