Triathlete Lāsma Ozola by the Ironman Tallinn logo
Experience of Wetsuit Users

Experience of Lāsma

In this post you can read about the experience regarding triathlon wetsuit use of Lāsma. She’s an officer in the Armed Forces of Latvia and an amateur triathlete. In July 2020 she set a Latvian record in Ironman 70.3 distance and with the time of 4:54:09 is the first sub5 woman in Latvia. In September […]

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Roka Maverick X wetsuit
Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews

Maverick X Wetsuit (updated May 20, 2020)

In this post you can find information about the Roka Maverick X wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. Roka claims it to be the fastest wetsuit ever. If we consider that Lucy Charles-Barclay swims in it – then it’s totally true! Description of Maverick […]

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