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Volution Wetsuit

February 14, 2021

In this post you can find information about the Synergy Volution wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Volution Wetsuit

The manufacturer Synergy description of Volution: “The Synergy Volution wetsuit is a high performance full sleeve wetsuit providing you with flexibility, flotation and speed at entry-level pricing representing an exceptional value. Designed and constructed for optimum balance between buoyancy and flexibility, it is perfect for all levels of ability, be it competing in triathlons or for open water recreational swimming. The full sleeve design is perfect for swimming while keeping you buoyant and warm.”

Volution is for all levels of ability, be it competing in triathlons or for open water recreational swimming. 3mm thick core buoyancy panel / 2mm lower legs and back. Models available for men and women. Standard manufacturer price €219 ($180). Purchase option by affiliate: Amazon.

Key Features of Volution Wetsuit

  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Hydrodynamic neoprene with silicone coated SyPrene.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY – Full range of motion. Highest grade anti-corrode internal wetsuit zipper from YKK which greatly reduces drag as you move through the water. Super soft low neck with smoothskin on both sides and because it is so soft, it feels like you hardly have anything around your neck.
  • FLEXIBILITY & BUOYANCY – 3/2mm wetsuit for superior flexibility and buoyancy. Float higher. Move faster. Save energy.

Reviews about Volution Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about Volution wetsuit from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Volution wetsuit.

Review on the Triathlete website, dated April 24, 2020.

Short summary: Overall, as long as the Volution is a good fit, in terms of sizing and body type, this is an excellent choice for anyone, even experienced racers. Just because this wetsuit has a low price, it doesn’t mean it’s for beginners only.

Video on the Youtube channel “Fabricio Muto“, dated March 25, 2020

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Purchase option by affiliate: Amazon.

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