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Sailfish Brand Review

December 11, 2019

The triathlon wetsuit manufacturer Sailfish moto is: “Made to make you faster”. The brand from Germany is dedicated to the development of the fastest and most flexible wetsuits. “We do not strive to be the biggest name in wetsuits for triathletes, but we are certainly committed to being the best!” says the founder Jan Sibbersen. Sailfish products are a leading name in triathlon circles both in Europe and beyond, and can be found in more than 20 countries worldwide. The sailfish passion for triathlon is reflected in more than just its product range. Since launch of the company Sailfish has been a big part of the event circuit organizing nationwide “Sailfish swimnights” and the “Sailfish Night of the Year”. 

Sailfish founder Jan Sibbersen
Sailfish founder Jan Sibbersen

The History of Sailfish

Sailfish was founded in 2007  in Germany. In 2009 Sailfish moved to Pfungstadt, near Darmstadt, Germany and is located there until this moment. The founder and CEO is a former member of the German national swim team and record-setting triathlon competitor, Jan Sibbersen. His famous for his “first out of the water” titles in different triathlons around the world, but he has cemented his name in the history with the long dream to set the swim course record in Ironman World Championship in Kona. After numerous attempt he succeeded and set the record in 2018 (46:29). “The swim record was exceptional because he was doing it not as a pro, he was doing it with 40-plus years of age with a full-time job as a manager and owner of a company at the same time. That’s what dreams are made of. It’s the only ‘world’ record that was within my reach and my abilities as a former swimmer,” says Sibbersen.

In 2008 Sailfish adds it’s first race gear collection to it’s wetsuit range. Sailfish has been a title sponsor for triathlon competitions such as Half Triatló Berga in Spain (2011) and 70.3 World Championships in Austria (2015).

Sailfish Products

If we look at the Sailfish official website there are such categories: Products, Wetsuits, Technology, Dates, Athletes, Service and About Sailfish. Under “Products” you can find Wetsuits, Swim Gear, Race Gear, Accessories, Kids, gift Vouchers and Sales. Under “Wetsuit” section you can find wetsuits for men and women. “Technology” section explains the technologies used in Sailfish wetsuits. “Dates” contains dates about different triathlon competitions. “Athletes” section contains the sponsored athletes. Under “Service” section you can find information about dealers, distributors, sizing charts and guarantee. “About Sailfish” section contains history of the company as well as information about Jan Sibbersen.

Regarding triathlon wetsuits there are six models for men and women – Ultimate IPS, G Range, One, Attack, Vibrant and Rocket (sleeveless). In the following posts I will describe these wetsuits in more detail.

Sponsored Athletes

Sailfish sponsors pro athletes in long and short course triathlons as well as three triathlon teams. Sponsored athletes are – Patrick Lange, Laura Philipp, Michael and Andreas Realert, Anja Beranek, Eneko Llanos, Julia Gajer, Andreas Dreitz, Boris Stein, Sonja Tajsich, Iván Raña, Marc Dülsen, Mike Schifferle, Ricarda Lisk, Jan van Berkel, Nicole Leder, Lothar Leder, Maria Ortega Gomez, Natascha Schmitt, Jens Roth, Nils Frommhold, Thomas Hellriegel, Michael Rünz, Beate Goertz, Patrick Jaberg, Julian Mutterer, Astrid Strienen, Paul Schuster, Manuel Küng, Michi&Dani Herlbauer and Manuel Wyss. Triathlon teams – Team4 Talent, DWS Darmstadt Triathlon Team, Team Tempo-Sport, Pro-Team Mohrenwirt and Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei Perspective.

Product Reviews and Related Websites

In the following posts I will describe Ultimate IPS, G Range, One, Attack, Vibrant wetsuits in more detail.

Meanwhile, I comprised a list of related websites and posts about Sailfish.

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