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Maverick X Wetsuit (updated May 20, 2020)

January 21, 2020

In this post you can find information about the Roka Maverick X wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. Roka claims it to be the fastest wetsuit ever. If we consider that Lucy Charles-Barclay swims in it – then it’s totally true!

Description of Maverick X Wetsuit

The manufacturer Roka description of Maverick X: “The all-new Men’s and Women’s Maverick X is the fastest men’s and women’s wetsuit ever built. Marrying a redesigned supportive core with its hallmark shoulder flexibility, the X improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and streamlines your body from head to toe in a way no swimming wetsuit ever has – all while letting you swim freely and naturally thanks to Revolution X ARMS-UP™ construction and RSX™ centerline buoyancy. If you’re on a mission to FIND FASTER, this is your suit.”

The manufacturer Roka description of Maverick X2: “Swimmers with killer form will love its next-to-naked feel, while developing swimmers will adore the killer power return—up your distance-per-stroke and save your energy. More endurance, more speed, and 7% more buoyant — if you thought we couldn’t make the Maverick X any better, get ready to meet your speed and endurance-enhancing, not-so-secret weapon.”

Maverick X is a top level wetsuit. Models  available for men and women. 1:3:5 buoyancy profile with 1.5mm up top, 3mm in the core, and 5mm in the hips and legs. Standard manufacturer price €950-€975 ($950-$975 on the US website). Roka Maverick X wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Key Features of Maverick X Wetsuit

  • Patented Arms-Up technology
  • Yamamoto SCS #40, #39 and Aerodome
  • Ultra-premium liner in shoulders, arms, and armpits for maximum flexibility
  • Strategically placed IXI™ support taping and core compression liners improve rotation and alignment
  • Expanded RSX panel on outside of hips and legs maximizes power transfer and enhances fit
  • SCS Nano Coating
  • Quick Release Ankle Panels
  • Low Profile Neck
  • Independent Neck Suspension Panel
  • Ultralight stretch-woven panel for forearms
  • Premium YKK zipper
  • New front lateral core panels designed to make your movements more efficient. Snappier. Dare we say, perfect.(Maverick X2)
  • 7% increased buoyancy for extra lift in the water (Maverick X2)
  • Fine-tuned ankle release panels to help you kick out faster than ever before (Maverick X2)

Reviews about Maverick X Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Maverick X wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Maverick X wetsuits.

Review (unboxing) on the Youtube channel “Triathlete“, dated April 7, 2020

Review on the “Triathlon Gear Expert” website, dated September 30, 2019.

Short summary: The ROKA Maverick X Men’s Wetsuit is not a suit for novices. You need to be able to swim proficiently to get the most from the speed-boosting features built into this suit. However, if you are already a fast swimmer, this suit will supercharge your performance.

Review on the Youtube channel “Triathlon Taren“, dated July 19, 2018

Review on the “Triathlete” website, dated March 28, 2018.

Short summary: For $925, we expect a suit to be perfect, and the 2018 X doesn’t disappoint.

Review on the Youtube channel “Real Life Reviews“, dated July 30, 2017

Review on the “Tririg” website, dated January 3, 2017.

Short summary: In all, the Maveric X works really well, and this is the most comfortable suit I’ve worn in over a decade.

Review on the “220triathlon” website, dated November 4, 2016.

Short summary: Hands down, the best wetsuit we’ve ever tried… But one that comes at a massive cost 95%.

Review on the “Atriathletesdiary” website, dated August 19, 2016.

Short summary: I loved it! I was impressed with the way it was made with the different panels. I was impressed with the feel of it. And, I was impressed with the way it came on and off pretty easily. But I was most impressed with how I felt gliding through the water.

Review on the “Slowtwitch” website, dated July 12, 2016.

Short summary: Roka has a style about it. The company I’m talking about. It feels like Apple or Under Armour.

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Roka Maverick X wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:


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