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Maverick Elite II Wetsuit

February 1, 2020

In this post you can find information about the Roka Maverick Elite II wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Maverick Elite II Wetsuit

The manufacturer Roka description of Maverick Elite II: “Performance meets value like never before in the all-new Maverick Elite II. With improved materials and liners in key places throughout the suit and an ever-more-dialed-in fit based on years of experience, we’ve taken the Maverick Elite II to a whole new level. Patented technologies such as ARMS-UP™ construction (for unlimited shoulder flexibility), RS™ centerline buoyancy in the upper body (to enable body rotation), and graduated buoyancy profile (for optimal horizontal body position) mean you simply can’t find a suit this fast anywhere else.”

Maverick Elite II is a top level wetsuit. Models  available for men and women. 1:3:5 buoyancy profile with 1.5mm up top, 3mm in the core, and 5mm in the hips and legs. Standard manufacturer price €550 ($550 on the US website). Roka Maverick Elite II wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Key Features of Maverick Elite II Wetsuit

  • Patented Arms-Up technology
  • Yamamoto SCS #39 and #38 and Aerodome
  • High-stretch liner in shoulders, arms, and armpits
  • 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome centerline panel.
  • SCS Nano Coating
  • Quick Release Ankle Panels
  • Low Profile Neck
  • Independent Neck Suspension Panel
  • Standard neoprene panel for forearms
  • Premium YKK zipper

Reviews about Maverick Elite II Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Maverick Elite II wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Maverick Elite II wetsuits.

Review on the “A Triathletes Diary” website, dated February 18, 2018 (Sleeveless).

Short summary: Very impressive. For this average swimmer, the ROKA Maverick Pro II was comfortable and quick.

Forum discussion on the “220triathlon” website, dated April 23, 2018.

Topic: Roka Maverick Elite II tearing around arm decal.

Forum discussion on the “Slowtwitch” website, dated March 24, 2017.

Topic: Roka Maverick Pro II vs. Elite II.

Review on the “Triathlete” website, dated July 24, 2015 (Elite Sleeveless).

Short summary: Want a magic suit that can transform you into a torpedo? This is it.

Review on the “Beginner Triathlete” website.

Short summary: The ROKA Elite Full is an outstanding product performs and looks great. It is thick where needed and thinner for a full range of motion.

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Roka Maverick Elite II wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

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