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Orca founder Scott Unsworth

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  1. I have just bought you Orca swimrun core suit. Terrific burn mark on my neck after my first use. Told by your Customer Service team twice now to use vaseline. That is NOT a solution. Used Orca products for years including buying a werk ago the above suit and the swim bikini. CAN YOU HELP ME

    1. Hello.
      It’s a common problem. The manufacturers try to solve it by lowering the neck line of the wetsuits.
      The reason for the burn could be:
      1. Swimming technique. During the breathing maybe you don’t look straight to the side, but more backward;
      2. Sizing of the wetsuit.

      You could try to use a neck protector.
      But sometimes the wetsuit just simply isn’t the right one for the swimmer.

      If nothing helps I would suggets to conntact ORCA, return the wetsuit and try one from a different brand.

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