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Newest Wetsuits in 2020 (January-June)

June 18, 2020

Half of the year 2020 has almost past and during this time few new wetsuits have come into the market. The newest wetsuits in 2020 are Roka Maverick MX, Huub Brownlee Agilis (model for women), Yonda Ghost II and Orca Openwater SW. In this post you can find information about these wetsuits – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.


Description of Maverick MX

The manufacturer Roka description of Maverick MX: “The all-new Maverick MX is a game-changer for non-elite swimmers who want elite-level performance. It is the first maximum buoyancy suit that manages to increase the buoyancy profile around the core, chest and arms, while maintaining snappy body rotation and a full-range of shoulder mobility thanks to our patented ARMS-UP™ design.

Maverick MX is an entry level wetsuit. Models available for men and women. Whereas most wetsuits in this price range use 5mm neoprene throughout the chest, 4mm and 3mm throughout much of the body, and 1-2mm neoprene in the arms, the Maverick MX uses only 5/4/3mm throughout. Standard manufacturer price €435 ($495).

Reviews about Roka Maverick MX

Here I gathered different reviews about Roka Maverick MX wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the Youtube channel “Triathlete“, dated March 3, 2020

HUUB BROWNLEE AGILIS (model for women)

Description of Brownlee Agilis

Up until 2020 there were only men models of the Agilis wetsuit available, but from 2020 also  a model for women is available. As the name of the wetsuit states the wetsuit is closely developed together with Alistair and Jonny Brownlee brothers.

The manufacturer HUUB description of Agilis: “It has been a two-year development, two years of testing and approving with the Brownlees sitting alongside us every step of the way as our testers and developers. They accept no compromise, no “could it be better?” If it isn’t the best, then they are not interested. Listening to Alistair and Jonny has given us a suit like no other, a suit with two very simple goals: 1. Swim like they’re not wearing a wetsuit throughout the full stroke cycle; 2. Get their hips and legs as high as possible and keep them there..Thanks to the input of Alistair, Jonny and professor Huub Toussaint we are now confident in saying there is no faster wetsuit.

Agilis wetsuit is a elite level wetsuit now also for women with buoyancy profile 3:3. It’s made from Neoprene 80%, Polymide (Nylon) 15%, Metalised Fibre 3% and Cotton 2%. Standart manufacturer price £599.99 ($900).

HUUB Agilis wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Reviews about Brownlee Agilis

Here I gathered different reviews about Brownlee Agilis wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the “Triathlon Magazine Canada” website, dated April 1, 2019. Short summary: The Agilis is not inexpensive, but it is a much smaller investment than buying an expensive bike or wheels. If you are in the market for a new wetsuit, it is worth a try.

Review on the Youtube channel “Triathlete”, dated April 25, 2019.

Review on the “220 Triathlon” website, dated October 9, 2018. Short summary: A delicate but sublimely comfy suit with huge freedom of movement 90%.

Review on the “Tri 247” website, dated September 14, 2018. Short summary: Extremely comfortable and should help make you quicker in the water. However, as is common with high-performance wetsuits, it comes with a high price-tag and limited durability.


Description of Ghost II

The manufacturer Yonda description of Ghost II: “The all-new 2020 Ghost II is the most performance enhancing and flexible wetsuit we ever built. We have designed the ultimate performance wetsuit that optimizes your body position and works with your body (not against it) delivering an unparalleled feeling as you cut through the water.”

Ghost II is a top-level wetsuit. Models available for men and women. Body construction using 4.5mm. Standard manufacturer price £589 ($737).

Reviews about Ghost II

Here I gathered different reviews about Yonda Ghost II wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the “Outdoor Swimmer” website.
Short summary: Although it’s a pricey suit, it’s comparable (and in some cases cheaper) than other top-of-the range wetsuits and it more than holds its own in the water.

Video on the Youtube channel “Yonda Sports“, dated March 28, 2016

Review on the “220triathlon” website.
Short summary: A highly comfortable and a superb all-rounder that’s also the cheapest here 92%.


Description of Openwater SW

Orca Openwater SW wetsuit model is the newest model from their Open Water line. The model before is called Open Water Core and it is one of the safest wetsuits for open water swimming, because it has a lot of bright orange color and can be seen in the water. With Open Water SW Orca went one more step further.

The manufacturer Orca description of Openwater SW: “The new Openwater SW wetsuit is the perfect combination of safety and technology. An openwater wetsuit with built-in technology that will increase the level of safety for swimmers at sea.”

Openwater SW models available for men and women. The 4 mm thickness of the abdominal area will provide the thermal insulation you need, helping you maintain an ideal body temperature throughout your journey. Standard manufacturer price Eur 299 ($367).

Highlights of the Wetsuit

NFC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM: The Openwater SW wetsuit features Emerid, a universal identification system using NFC/Contactless technology that instantly provides the athlete’s information in the event of an accident or emergency.

RESTUBE READY: The wetsuit features a Restube Ready connector so you can attach the Restube buoy without a belt, which will keep it stable, preventing wear to your wetsuit. Note: This wetsuit does not include the Restube buoy.

VISIBILITY: The high visibility orange used in the design will make it easy to locate you at all times.

Reviews about Openwater SW

Here I gathered different reviews about Orca Openwater SW wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the “Outdoor Swimmer” website.
Short summary: All in all the suit is comfortable, well made, and well thought out for both competitive and wild swimming with innovative additions for safety and making good steps towards sustainability.

Review on the “Restube” website, March 11, 2020.

Review on the “Openwaterschwimmen” website, May 30, 2020 (German).
Short summary: I think the idea and the implementation are great – it was just about time something like this hits the market. I am a huge fan of buoys and think that they should be included in every competition – so I am very happy about this “idea”! The wetsuit works great for me when swimming and I didn’t notice the buoy at the back, neither inflated nor in the pouch.

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