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Most expensive wetsuit – triathlon wetsuits (updated February 20,2020)

August 23, 2019

I wanted to start this post with a quote from Bruce Lee: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

This could be the closest to water as you can be at the moment wearing a wetsuit.  I wouldn’t argue that the most expensive wetsuits are suitable for each swimmer. Nevertheless, the manufacturers put all the knowledge, the best materials and technologies into these wetsuits. They try to make them so that you would feel like one with water. Manufacturers strive for zero resistance in the stroke and not adding additional fatigue, perfect buoyancy and all in all faster swimming for the swimmer. So let’s see which ones are the most expensive models on the market at the moment.

Deboer wetsuits Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0. – newcomers

Manufacturer: deboer wetsuits

Price (on the manufacturer website): Same for both models (male or female) – $ 1499 (approx. EUR 1330)

Pro Triathletes using debour: Jan Frodeno, Daniela Ryf, Ben Kanute, Matt Russell

debour wetsuits Fjord 1.0 and Floh 1.0.
Fjord 1.0 and Floh 1.0. Image courtesy: debour wetsuits

Description of the manufacturer:
The Fjord 1.0 is the ultimate suit for those swimming in cool water temperatures (down to 16° C / 61° F) and the Flōh 1.0 is for those willing to brave colder water temperatures (down to 12° C / 53° F). Zero resistance shoulder movement gives the swimmer the most natural stroke resulting in uninhibited arm speed. This economy of effort allows for longer swim time without additional fatigue.


• Super light 44Cell HBF-Limestone WhaleSkin™ neoprene for better buoyancy and rotation stability
• 0.3mm (the thinnest on the market) patented DuraFlex™ for Fjord 1.0 and 1.5mm UltraFlex shoulders and arms construction
• 5mm 48Cell Airfloat™ Stability Panels
• C8 coated, Hydrophobic Super-Stretch comfort lining feels great
• GlideSkin™ Surface coating
• 3mm AquaGrip™ panels
• YKK Stainless Steel bottom-up runner zipper
• DolphinSkin neck closure for a leak-free swim
• Anatomically correct fit ensures peak performance without restrictions
• Chest zip entry for fast and easy entry and exit
• Hand glued with double blind stitched seams

There are some reviews available on, and a user experience here.

TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature

Manufacturer: TYR Sport Inc.

Price (on the manufacturer website): Same for both models (male or female) – $ 1199.99 (approx. EUR 1064)

Pro Triathletes using TYR: Chrissie Wellington, Mirinda Carfrae, Craig Alexander, TJ Tollakson, Carolina Steffen, Sarah True, Lisa Norden, Holly Lawrence, Michelle Vesterby

Description of the manufacturer:

TYR Wetsuit Hurricane Freak of Nature
TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature. Image courtesy: TYR

The absolute pinnacle of wetsuit performance. Constructed with 100% Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene, the Men’s Hurricane Freak of Nature is regarded by the triathlon community as the industry’s most cutting-edge wetsuit. Driving acceleration and increasing buoyancy, the Freak of Nature is as pliant as it is powerful. Calculated, calibrated and repeatedly revised to ensure an innovative 7X stretch factor, we’re not afraid to contend, the Hurricane Freak of Nature exists in a class all its own.


• Equipped with speed wrap paneling (Nano SCS coated 5mm neoprene) throughout the legs, chest and core, the HFNM6A reduces drag for enhanced race performance at every level.
• Graded force catch panels, form fitting wrist cuffs and range of motion zones help to maximize body position and distance per stroke.
• 360 degree core stabilization targets muscle groups for sustained abdominal strength.
• All TYR Hurricane wetsuits are WTC (Ironman) / USAT legal and provide UPF 50+ sun protection.

Situation with the reviews are scarce. Older ones are on and YouTube channel.


ROKA Maverick X

Manufacturer: ROKA

Price (on the manufacturer website): Same for both models (male or female) – $ 1033 (approx. EUR 950). Roka Maverick X wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Pro Triathletes using TYR: Javier Gómez, Lucy Charles-Barclay, Tim Reed

ROKA Wetsuit Maverick X
ROKA Maverick X. Image courtesy: ROKA.

Description of the manufacturer:
The all-new Maverick X is the fastest men’s wetsuit ever built. Marrying a redesigned supportive core with its hallmark shoulder flexibility, the X improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and streamlines your body from head to toe in a way no swimming wetsuit ever has. If you’re on a mission to FIND FASTER, this is your suit.


• Revolution X ARMS-UP™ construction letting you swim freely and naturally
• RSX™ center line buoyancy – more buoyancy down the center line of your body; less buoyancy on the perimeter
• IXI taping & tricot liner – improved power and efficiency
• Stretch woven forearm panel- better feel for water
• Quick release ankle panels – the rear ankle panels of our suits use a 2mm panel at the base of the leg to help you kick your heel out of the suit in T1.

Some additional reviews you can check out,, and user experience here.

Have you experienced these wetsuits?

All of them look fantastic and the names of the models are cool. They are packed with the best technologies there are on the market. If I would have to choose one of them for testing it would be the debour wetsuits, because the look so out-of-this-world.

Have you tried any of them? If you want to share your experience feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. For what is worth, this is simply excellent, and would be of such a help. My cousin has been preparing for their college’s triathlon competition but I wish to surprise him by buying a suit for him. I know definitely that the selection here ate a result of serious research before arriving at this. So, it kind of present a difficulty to me to choose the best I want to get for him. I like the TYR Hurricane the most and it looks very sophisticated enough. Thanks

  2. Wow! It is great to finally see the wet suit to determine which one is Most expensive and higher quality wet suit in the  market.  Personally,For me it was a long time that I was away from water activities and I wasn’t aware of these newcomers equipment.Now it seems that everything have gradually been changed and I was left behind the modern society.(LOL)

    My personal preference also would be the deboer wetsuits and It seems that it’s been created with great material and this price is truly reasonable. Thank you

  3. I love your recommendation of  “Debour wetsuits Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0”. It seems to steal the show. Awesome features to manage the needs of three sports in one,

    It seems like a smooth fabric would allow both the water and air to attach the suit at the molecular level. However, a more textured, rougher, the edge will encourage air and water to flow smoothly.

    This suit is built with C8 coated, Hydrophobic Super-Stretch comfort lining• GlideSkin™ Surface coating. 

    It works at such a low-temperature range makes it a better choice.

    Thank you for your site. It will help many triathlons athletes.

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