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Ironman WC – Pro Athletes and Their Wetsuits

October 5, 2019

Only one week separates us from the annual Ironman world championship on October 12. Each year the Ironman world championship is held in Kona, Hawai’i. The distance 140.6 miles (226 km) is an ironman triathlon distance and consists 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a 26.22-mile (42.20 km) marathon run. To earn a spot in this competition you have to qualify for it in other Ironman competitions during the year leading to the world championship.Check out more information about this epic race in my previous post.

Swim Course

Graphical representation of the Ironman WC Swim Course 2019
Ironman WC Swim Course 2019. Courtesy:

The mass swim start is the most emotionally charged start in the sport, thanks to TV helicopters, enthusiastic spectators and the sun rising over Mt. Hualalai. A shot from a cannon releases the action of the day. Water temperature in Kailua Bay is typically around 79 F/26 C.

Pro Athletes and Their Wetsuits

I am very interested in what wetsuits will the pro athletes compete and which will be the fastest ones out of water. Let’s examine first 10 pro male and female athletes from the start list. I will also add the wetsuits in which they will most likely compete as most of them are sponsored from triathlon wetsuit manufacturer brands.

Pro Men (with according BIB numbers)

M1 Lange Patrick GER Sailfish Ultimate IPS

M2 Aernouts Bart BEL Orca Predator

M3 McNamee David GBR Huub Agilis

M4 Frodeno Jan GER debour Fjord 1.0

M5 Kienle Sebastian GER Orca Predator

M6 O’Donnell Tim USA Aqua Sphere Phantom 2

M7 Currie Braden NZL Blueseventy Helix

M8 Russell Matthew USA debour Fjord 1.0

M9 Skipper Joe GBR Zone 3 Vanquish

M10 Potts Andy USA TYR Hurricane

Pro Women (with according BIB numbers)

F1 Ryf Daniela (SUI) debour Fjord 1.0

F2 Charles-Barclay Lucy (GBR) Roka Maverick X

F3 Haug Anne GER 2 XU Propel Pro

F4 Carfrae Mirinda AUS TYR Hurricane

F5 True Sarah USA TYR Hurricane

F6 Crowley Sarah AUS Orca Predator

F7 Sali Kaisa FIN Mako Torrent

F8 Abraham Corinne GBR Sailfish Ultimate IPS

F9 Corbin Linsey USA Roka Maverick

F11 Jackson Heather USA Blueseventy Helix

You can check out the full start list of pro athletes on the official website.

The Fastest Swimmers

I think the race will be very interesting and fast. It is very hard to predict who will be first out of water in the male race, but it’s easier for female race – Lucy Charles-Barclay! Will she try to beat the swim course record?!

What is your guess for first 3 male and female exits out of water in these years’ competition?

GO, GO, GO!!!

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  1. First 3 male will be 

    M7 Currie Braden NZL Blueseventy HelixM

    M10Potts Andy USA TYR Hurricane

    M4 Frodeno Jan GER debour Fjord 1.0

    First 3 woman I gues 
    F1 Ryf Daniela (SUI) debour Fjord 1.0

    F2 Charles-Barclay Lucy (GBR) Roka Maverick

    F9 Corbin Linsey USA Roka Maverick

    For all the things you say in here, so what is the biggest advantage of the suits?


    1. My favorites are Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders for men’s race, but it’s very hard this year to make any predictions. Lucy Charles-Barclay is my favorite for the women’s race. Hopefully she will finally win in Kona!

      Regarding the main advantage of wetsuits. The biggest advantage is speed, especially for this kind of races. Warmth is also a factor, but this is not the case. You can check out a good swim test from Triathlon Taren.

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