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HUUB Brand Review (updated February 22, 2020)

October 31, 2019

HUUB is an interesting brand name. What is HUUB? “HUUB Design” is a triathlon and cycling apparel specialist. Its vision is to create better products combining research, science and reality. Team HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximizing performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

HUUB was originally a small start-up from the UK. Founder and amateur triathlete Dean Jackson had to swim, cycle and run hundreds miles before making the decision to start-up his own triathlon clothing and kit company. As he says in “The Telegraph” article: “The business was born out of desperation, in terms of how I was going to pay for Christmas and a mortgage”. In 2011 Jackson was put in touch with a group of 12 private investors from Nottingham by a fellow sportsperson. He pitched his business idea, which included launching with a performance-enhancing triathlon suit, designed on Jackson’s kitchen table. The investors saw enough in his business plan to invest.

HUUB saw an opportunity (and need) in the marketplace: To carefully develop triathlon and cycling gear that is proven by science to help athletes go faster. Up until this day HUUB continues to invest heavily into research and development. Dean Jackson has gathered a great team for doing that.

The Team of HUUB

Huub team representingHuub Toussaint, Dean Jackson, Adam Young, Paul Newsome
HUUB Team – from left Huub Toussaint, Dean Jackson, Adam Young, Paul Newsome: Courtesy of

As I wrote the founder of “HUUB Design” is Dean Jackson. The scientific mastermind is one of the world’s most renowned swim scientist  Huub Toussaint (after whom the brand is named). The state-of-the-art MAD system which is used by HUUB for measuring active drag was originally invented by Toussaint. It’s a long, ladder-shaped device, which is fitted at interval points with force plate sensors. Suspended in the pool, it can record an athlete’s acceleration, stroke frequency and velocity, as they swim over and touch the plates. this system is unique. Jackson and Toussaint are accompanied by two brilliant swim coaches from “Swim Smooth”  – Adam Young and Paul Newsome and the brand ambassador is the great Dave Scott – 6x Ironman world Champion.


HUUB Products

If we look at the HUUB products on their official website there is a division between Wetsuits, Racewear, training, casual and outlet. Under the “Wetsuits” section are such products like Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Swimrun, Neoprene Training and Ex-Demo.  The “Racewear” includes such products as Tri Suits, Cycling Speedsuits, Swim Skins, Swim Googles, Prescription Googles, Race Accessories, Compression and Sports Bags. The “Training” includes such products as Training Wear, Cycle Wear, Swim Wear, Swim Googles, Prescription Googles and Compression. The “Casual” includes such products as Casual Wear, Coats&Jackets, Weekend Bags and T-shirts. The “Outlet” includes Wetsuits, Clothing, Accessories and Ex-Demo.

Regarding triathlon wetsuits there are nine models for men and women – Aegis 3, Aegis 3 Thermal, Alpha, Axiom, Varman, Atana (for women) , Archimedes 3, Acara (for women), Agilis. In the following posts I will describe these wetsuits in more detail.

Sponsored Athletes

Huub sponsors pro athletes in short and long course triathlons, as well as cycling. Sponsored athletes of short and long course triathlons are – Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Henri Shoeman, Richard Varga, Kristian Blummenfelt, Tom Bishop, Alex Yee, Gordon Benson, Helen Jenkins, Jess Learmonth, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Sophie Coldwell, David Mcnamee, Harry Wiltshire, Matt Trautman, Elliot Smales, Tyler Butterfield, AJ Baucco, Antony Costes, Kevin Collington, Joe Townsend, George Paesgood, Yukako Hata, Jetze Plat, Jack Burnell, Georgia Amison, Ben Dijkstra, Bilie Jordan-Butler and joined to the Huub famaly in 2020 – Fennela Langridge.

Product Reviews and Related Websites

In the following posts I will describe Aegis 3, Aegis 3 Thermal, Alpha, Axiom, Varman, Atana (for women) , Archimedes 3, Acara (for women), Agilis wetsuits in more detail. Meanwhile, I comprised a list of related websites and posts about HUUB and their sponsored athletes.

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