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Archimedes 3 Wetsuit (updated February 13, 2020)

November 5, 2019

Today I received my Huub Archimedes 3 wetsuit from the Huub Ex-Demo sale. Will review it and post about it, but until than check out the information which I gathered about the elite level  HUUB Archimedes 3 wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. Wetsuit is named after the great physicists and mathematician Archimedes and his Buoyancy principle.

Description of Archimedes 3 Wetsuit

The manufacturer HUUB description of Archimedes 3: “The third incarnation of the groundbreaking Archimedes, the suit that redefined buoyancy profiles to suit the needs of the modern triathlete. The Archimedes 3 again takes the expectations of a wetsuit and its material components and shatters the mould, never mind breaking it. With never before seen technology, expectations challenged and conventional materials re-engineered the Archimedes 3 leads the way when it comes to triathlon wetsuits.”


Archimedes 3 is the only top level wetsuit for men available in two differing buoyancies 3:5 and 4:4, because irrelevant of your swim style, you still want the best. It’s made from Neoprene 80%, Polymide (Nylon) 15%, Metalised Fibre 3% and Cotton 2%. Standart manufacturer price £549.99 ($700). HUUB Agilis wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:, and Triathlete Sports.

Key Features of Archimedes 3 Wetsuit

  • X-O Skeleton for body alignment and Buoyancy
  • NBR X-O Skeleton for aided buoyancy (3:5 version only)
  • Graduated Buoyancy™ profiles around thighs, hips and lower quads to ensure the correct balance with the bodies center of buoyancy.
  • HUUB’s exclusive +43™ buoyancy foam delivering 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene.
  • Bicep release for stroke efficiency (applied also for tricep)
  • Calf Release for improved kick, propulsion and circulation
  • Breakaway Zipper for Transition speed

Reviews about Archimedes 3 Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Archimedes 2 and 3 wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Archimedes wetsuits.

Review on the “Thy Stride” website, dated July 21, 2019 (Archimedes 3).

Short summary: Sizing matters.

Review on the “Swim Pembrokeshire” website, dated January 18, 2018 (Archimedes 2).

Short summary: The wetsuit was fairly comfortable when swimming but was quite tight around the groin. Shoulders were flexible enough though and I did notice the 4mm thickness did provide a bit of extra warmth in the winter.

Review on the “Tri 247” website, dated January 5, 2018 (Archimedes 2).

Short summary: For me, having gone from an entry level suit to the Archimedes II was a substantial step up in quality and performance. Having tested other top level suits, it is clear that the Archimedes II suit performs well when compared to other top tier triathlon wetsuit offerings.

Review on the “Huubdesign” website, dated November 9, 2016 (Archimedes 3).

Short summary: If you’re a serious triathlete or open water swimmer, then this wetsuit will certainly give you the edge… why else would the Brownlee brothers use it?!

Techinical breakdown of the Archimedes 2 on Youtube channel “HUUB Design”, dated March 24, 2015.

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HUUB Archimedes wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:, and Triathlete Sports.

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