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November 4, 2019

In this post you can find information about HUUB Aegis 3 wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. Interesting is the word choice of the wetsuit name. The aegis as stated in the Iliad, is carried by Athena and Zeus, but its nature is uncertain. It had been interpreted as an animal skin or a shield, sometimes bearing the head of a Gorgon.

Description of Aegis 3 Wetsuit

The manufacturer HUUB description of Aegis: “The Aegis family of suits is renowned for exceeding expectations, delivering so much more than the price would suggest. It features our unique X-O Skeleton™ for superior body alignment and stroke efficiency. You will also benefit from Rotational Freedom™ for ease of stroke, and then your speed doesn’t stop when out of the water with a Breakaway Zipper™ for a fast transition


The third version of Aegis wetsuit features HUUB’s exclusive 3:5 buoyancy for men and 3:3 buoyancy for women. It’s made from Neoprene 80%, Polymide (Nylon) 15%, Metalised Fibre 3% and Cotton 2%. Standart manufacturer price £299.99 ($387). HUUB Aegis 3 wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Key Features of Aegis 3 Wetsuit

  • HUUB exclusive X-0 Skeleton™ for superior body alignment and stroke efficiency.
  • Superior panel patterns for Rotational Freedom™ and ease of stroke.
  • Select neoprene panels and linings to optimise materials modulus.
  • Breakaway Zipper™ delivering the fastest transition.
  • Exclusive HUUB 3:5 buoyancy.

Reviews about Aegis 3 Wetsuits

Here I gathered different reviews about Aegis 3 wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Aegis 3 wetsuits.

Review on the “Tri 247” website, dated May 17, 2018.

Short summary: Explicitly designed for triathletes, the Aegis III is perfect for the beginner to the serious or expert triathlete who want both comfort and performance on race day.

Review on the “220 Triathlon” website, dated July, 2014.

Short summary: Huub have done it again. A highly recommended entry-level wetsuit.

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