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FORM Swim Googles (updated AUG 12, 2022)

April 24, 2020
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Swimming is not an innate skill of human beings, but certainly we can learn it during our lifetime. And when we have learned it, we can not unlearn, I suppose. Basically, swimming requires no other tools or equipment than our own bodies. We move rhythmically our arms and legs, rotate or tilt our body and breath when it’s needed – that’s it! Nevertheless, to make the swimming more comfortable, to swim faster and to learn to swim faster we use different equipment, accessories and tools. For example, to swim faster we use specially manufactured swim wear like briefs and jammers (instead of simple shorts). We use swim googles which help us see under water and also where to swim. To acquire the swim skill easier and faster we use swim aid in the swim training, such as paddles and fins. As technologies progress also the swimming equipment and tools for swim training progress and become more sophisticated. One such tool is the FORM Swim Googles.

About FORM and description of FORM Swim Googles

FORM was founded by Dan Eisenhardt, a danish ex-competitive swimmer and former co-founder/CEO of Recon Instruments, which shipped the world’s first smart eyewear for sports in 2010 (first heads-up display product, Transcend, predated Google Glass by more than a year). Searching for a less seasonal sport with a bigger, more consistent market, the company turned to cycling. Recon Instruments launched AR cycling glasses, called Recon Jet, in April 2015.

“Before FORM, our team spent many years building ruggedized wearables for action sports,” Eisenhardt said in a statement announcing the release. “We knew that giving swimmers real-time metrics was only half the battle. Fit and durability were just as important. The extensive testing we’ve done over the past year shows we exceeded our original goals.”

The manufacturer description of FORM Swim Googles: “The only swim goggles with a smart display that delivers metrics like split times, distance, and more—intelligently, as you swim. Developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches, the FORM Swim Goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer’s swim bag.

FORM Swim Googles come as a package with a subscription options – monthly, anual and gift anual. Check out Form Swim Google official website for more information. Price for Polar® OH 1 heart sensor – $79.95 (Eur 75). Purchase option by affiliates: FORM and Amazon.

Key Specs of FORM Swim Googles

  • Smart Display: The see-through smart display is built right into the goggles lens, delivering metrics without obstructing your vision. Can be worn over left or right eye.
  • Metrics: Split time, pace per 100, distance, interval time, rest time, total time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke, pace per 50, length count, calories burned, heart rate support (requires an additional OH1/OH1 + heart rate sensor from Polar®).
  • Newest feature: Open water feature!!! Connect FORM goggles with Garmin smartwatches (Forerunner 945, fēnix 5 Plus and fēnix 6 Pro) and Apple Watch (Watch Series 5/4/3) to see open water GPS metrics.
  • Fit: 7 nose bridge sizes (included), Contoured eye seals made from FDA-certified silicone, Adjustable silicone strap.
  • Coatings: Permanent, chemical-resistant anti-fog.
  • Battery life: 16 hours swim time.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.2.
  • Waterproofing: Up to 32 ft (10 m).
  • Swim App (iPhone and Android): Sync with the app to review each set out of the pool—and revisit past workouts to see your progress over time. Choose exactly what to see while you swim, after turns, and during rest. You get 12 different metrics to pick from. Lets you automatically sync workouts with other services (Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks and Health App).
  • Carrying case: Premium ventilated case with zip closure.
  • FORM Swim Goggles are not available in a prescription version. However, many swimmers who wear prescription glasses are able to see the metrics on our smart display clearly.

Reviews about FORM Swim Googles

Here I gathered different reviews about FORM Swim Googles from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the FORM Swim Googles.

Review (Open water feature) on the “DC Rainmaker” website, dated July 31, 2020.
Short summary: Ultimately – I think update makes the FORM goggles significantly more appealing for triathletes, but also regular openwater swimmers (or, especially openwater swimmers). With pool swimming there’s numerous other ways to track your pace/distance (including that clock on the wall), but with openwater swimming, its basically either predefined landmarks (like buoys) that you know, or it’s a GPS watch. And depending on the situation, a GPS watch can be hard to read. This makes it silly simple.

Video on the Youtube channel “My Swim Pro“, dated July 22, 2020

Review on the “Mauna Endurance” website, dated July 14, 2020.
Short summary: As you know, at Mauna they are all about sweat, tech and data! Their coaches were asked to test and review the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, and you can see their expert testimonials there!

Video on the Youtube channel “Lionel Sanders“, dated June 26, 2020

Video on the Youtube channel “Do3 Coaching – Do3 TV“, dated May 19, 2020

Video on the Youtube channel “Matt LeGrand“, dated February 27, 2020

Review on the “Triathlon Magazine Canada” website, dated February 14, 2020.

Short summary: When I first started reviewing the Form goggles, I wasn’t sure that those with a swimming background would be interested – they’re used to using a pace clock for their workouts and, while the smart display still allows you forward vision, there’s not as much peripheral vision as with other goggles, something seasoned swimmers might find annoying. The addition of HR data, though, is a game changer on that front. Even the most seasoned swimmers will likely want to be able to monitor their heart rate, at least for some workouts. The fact that they can analyze all that data after the fact, too, makes the Form goggles even more of a training tool likely to appeal to all triathletes.

Video on the Youtube channel “Dale Travers“, dated December 15, 2019

Review on the “220triathlon” website, dated November 21, 2019.
Short summary: One of the most promising pieces of swim tech in years; plus quality lenses 90%.

Video on the Youtube channel “The Swimsuit Guy“, dated September 14, 2019

Video on the Youtube channel “Global Triathlon Network“, dated September 8, 2019

Review on the “Wired” website, dated August 18, 2019.
Short summary: As someone who loves to play with timing and pace as I exercise, I really enjoyed the Form Swim Goggles and what they offer: unfettered real-time access to my workout times and stats. It was a novel and efficient way to obsess over my numbers. For the kind of professional athletes that treat their lap times like treasure, I imagine the benefits would be even greater.

Review on the “Wareable” website, dated August 8, 2019.
Short summary: One of the best swimming wearables we’ve taken in the pool.

Review on the “The Verge” website, dated August 7, 2019.
Short summary: If you’re a serious swimmer — someone who’s swimming competitively, training for a triathlon, or just takes their everyday workout seriously — the Form goggles are a great option for you. But if you’re only a casual swimmer, you’ll likely get more benefit from an Apple, Fitbit, or Samsung jack-of-all-trades device than you will from this master of one.

Review on the “DC Rainmaker” website, dated July 29, 2019.
Short summary: Still, I’m impressed with the ability for the device to do exactly what it says it’s going to do – even if the price isn’t where I think it ought to be ($125, in case you were curious). I’ve tried numerous swimming goggles that have tried to be sports tech devices in terms of navigation – mostly open water – and this is by far the easiest to use and the best app/connectivity.

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Purchase option by affiliate: FORM and Amazon.

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  1. Thank you for this post about Form swim goggles. I have a lot of trouble finding the right swim goggles. I believe this post will help me with the correct fit. I’m especially interested in the heads up display. This will be a game changer for my swimming and I can’t wait to try them. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Ingus for giving me the opportunity to try the new generation smart swimming goggles in order to test them in the swimming pool.
    I was really happy surprised in many aspects of using FORM goggles. Firstly, the weight was only slightly different from ordinary goggles. Secondly, pacing time. Swimming speed in trainings is very important. These goggles do not allow you to swim faster or slower, they allow you to complete your workout exactly as planned and that is a very important! Third, it is perfect for analyzing all recorded data. Finally, swimming with FORM goggles is ecxiting and reaaly enjoyable, and I can’t wait to try them in open water swimming.

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