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T1 Black Pearl Wetsuit

August 7, 2020

In this post you can find information about De Soto Black Pearl wetsuits – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. The manufacturer claims that the two-piece design of the T1 wetsuits offer more comfort and less restriction than a one-piece. The Black Pearl model offers a very affordable option without sacrificing warmth, comfort, and durability.

The manufacturer De Soto description of Black Pearl: “The Black Pearl has the same design, construction, and fit as the T1 First Wave, but is made of GreenGoma™ #8 Rubber with Super Composite Skin. A more affordable option without sacrificing warmth, comfort or durability.The snug neckline of all T1 Wetsuit tops is designed to be comfortable while swimming. ”

All T1 models are sold as separates for a customized and personal fit. With up to seven sizes of tops and bottoms, you have 49 possible size combinations from which to choose. Black Pearl Pullover has 2mm overall thickness. The Bibjohn is 5mm thick from the oval ankle openings up to the crotch and up the sides of the hips. From that seam up, the Bibjohn is 2mm thick.

Black Pearl wetsuit is an elite/pro performance level wetsuit for men and women. Standart manufacturer price T1 Black Pearl Pullover $280 (EUR 238) and Bibjohn $320 (EUR 272) . De Soto Black Pearl wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: Triathlete Sports.

Key Features of First Wave Wetsuit

  • BIO-STROKE design puts your arms into a forward rotated shoulder position for a more efficient swim stroke
  • YKK® custom zipper is small, lightweight, and makes removal easier than ever
  • GreenGoma™#8 Rubber with Super Composite Skin makes the First Wave the warmest, fastest, most durable, flexible, buoyant, and the most comfortable wetsuit in the world today
  • Lined with 4-Way stretch Nylon Lycra® for comfort and to minimize chafing
  • Seams are glued and blind-stitched, making them more durable than the rubber itself
  • Low profile 2mm Bib straps with soft Lycra trim go over the trapezius (base of neck) to allow unrestricted reach, prevents tired shoulders, and aids in faster swim times
  • Angled leg openings for faster and easy removalLonger seam tape for self-customizing leg length

Reviews about First Wave Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about De Soto Black Pearl wetsuit from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the De Soto Black Pearl wetsuit.

Video on the Youtube channel “Swim Outlet Gear“, dated January 24, 2013.

Review on the “Beginner Triathlete” website.
Short summary: The best and most versatile wetsuit on the market. Really easy to get off, really comfortable when it is on.

Review on the “Triathlete” website.
Short summary: Sensitive-skin-friendly float.

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