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MACHV.5 Wetsuit

February 17, 2021

In this post you can find information about the Dare2Tri MACHV.5 wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users. Manufacturer claims that it’s the most innovative and advanced wetsuit on the market.

Description of MACHV.5 Wetsuit

The manufacturer Dare2Tri description of MACHV.5: “Our flagship wetsuit has been developed using the latest technology. This exceptional wetsuit
provides superior flexibility by using 0.5mm Duraflex™ sleeves, Airfloat™ panels ensure exceptional stability, Glideskin™ Technology and Teflon lining provides extra buoyancy and improved hydrodynamics without compromising comfort.”

MACHV.5 is for all levels of ability. Neoprene thickness 0.5mm arms & shoulders, upper chest panel 2.5mm and 5mm stability panel. Models available for men and women. Standard manufacturer price €699.99 ($851).

Key Features of MACHV.5 Wetsuit

• 0.5mm patented DuraFlex™ shoulders and arms construction – patented ultra thin unique polymer is fingernail tear proof. It has high shape memory, 4-way super stretch and lined with an ultra flexible insulating lining
• 5mm 48Cell Airfloat™ Stability Panels – Made from specially made HBF-Limestone neoprene (Highly Buoyant, Flexible and lightweight 48Cell neoprene)
• Super light 44Cell HBF-Limestone neoprene™
• C8, Hydophobic Super-Stretch comfort lining – the lining of the MACHV.5 wetsuit has been treated with a C8, water-repellant coating, which prevents water absorption, in turn, increasing buoyancy.
GlideSkin™ Surface coating
• Uniquely designed Comfort-Closure neck and collar
• 3mm AquaGrip™ panels – the perfectly measured, positioned, finely tuned and extensively tested grooves reduce turbulence and increase the surface area in contact with the water, increasing efficiency of each stroke and kick

Reviews about MACHV.5 Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about MACHV.5 wetsuit from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the MACHV.5 wetsuit.

Video on the Youtube channel “Tri Experience“, dated May 22, 2020

Video on the Youtube channel “Team SRAC“, dated May 15, 2019

Video on the Youtube channel “Daniel Clarke“, dated January 23, 2018

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