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Sprint Wetsuit (updated March 5, 2021)

October 24, 2019

I own a 2008 Sprint wetsuit on my own. I like the buoyancy profile of the wetsuit and the “stiffness” in the hip are. Check out further information Blueseventy Sprint wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Sprint Wetsuit

The manufacturer Blueseventy description of Sprint: “The Sprint is built with thinner neoprene and strategically placed super-stretch nylon to greatly improve flexibility at the arms and legs. No other suit at this price delivers true open water swimming comfort without sacrifices to quality.

Sprint wetsuit is an entry level wetsuit with a Buoyancy Profile: 3:4:4 and foreseen for the lowest temperatures of 55F / 12.5C. Standart manufacturer price $250. Blueseventy Sprint wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: Triathlete Sports,

Key Features of Sprint Wetsuit

  • Updated Flexible Upper: oversized arm gussets featuring super stretch jersey provide excellent flexibility and visibility
  • Body Position: A 3-4-4 buoyancy profile promotes good body position by lifting the lower body to create less drag while swimming
  • Easy Out Ankles: super stretch material at the back of the legs for a quicker suit exit
  • SCS Coating: Super Composite Skin coating on the hips, legs and arms creates a strong hydrophobic barrier for increased durability and speed. 
  • Low Collar: a curved closure flap reduces the size which improves comfort and reduces chafing.

Reviews about Sprint Wetsuits

I wrote already in my earlier post about my own experience with Blueseventy wetsuits. Here I gathered different reviews about Sprint wetsuits from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Reaction wetsuits.

Review on the “220triathlon” website, dated November 25, 2020.

Short summary: Some nice features, but the sprint now feels dated and is the most expensive here, 72%.

Review on the “Complete Tri” website, dated April 1, 2019.

Short summary: While the Sprint doesn’t offer as much of the buoyancy features or variance in paneling, for someone who is simply wanting to compete in a triathlon or two, the Sprint can be a great choice. 

Review on the “Slowtwitch” website, dated February 27, 2017.

Short summary: It’s very hard to make a $200 fullsuit these days. It’s near impossible to make it with Yamamoto SCS-coated rubber. But blueseventy has nevertheless done it.

Review on the Youtube channel “Simply Swim”, dated June 3, 2014.


Review on the “Triradar” website, dated September 2, 2010.

Short summary: A good starter wetsuit for the open water, although you’ll want to upgrade pretty quickly.

Review on the “220 Triathlon” website, dated May 22, 2009.

Short summary: It’s neither one of the lightest suits here nor does it sport any particularly ‘special’ features, but it still does a solid all-round job when it comes to flexibility, buoyancy and warmth.

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Blueseventy Sprint wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: Triathlete Sports,

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