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Best Tri Wetsuits for Kids in 2021 (updated FEB 24, 2021)

February 21, 2021

There is a plethora of triathlon wetsuit brands which manufacture a lot of different wetsuite models for male and for female swimmers. I gathered information on this site about a lot of them. Nevertheless, all the time I had a thought in my mind – are there also triathlon wetsuits for kids? The answer is yes! Until now I have found these models: Blueseventy Torpedo, Huub Atom II, Zone 3 Kids Adventure, Orca Opensquad, Xterra Kids Volt, Z3ROD Kid Ocean and Dare2Tri Kids MACH2. In this post you can find information about these wetsuits – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

I consider them the best ones. I would appriciate if you have some experience with them and could share it in the comments.


Description of Torpedo

The manufacturer Blueseventy description of Torpedo: “Tailored for youth, with all the benefits of warmth, buoyancy, and safety, the Torpedo is just right for helping young athletes take the leap from the pool to the open water. The Torpedo features high quality neoprene at 4mm thickness in the chest and torso and 3mm in the legs. The underarms are crafted from a super stretch jersey lining for extra flexibility and ease of swimming.

Torpedo is available in SM, M and L sizes. Standard manufacturer price €146 ($175).

Torpedo purchase by affiliates: Amazon.

Reviews about Torpedo

Here I gathered different reviews about Blueseventy Torpedo wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the “Complete Tri” website, dated June 2, 2017.

Short summary: For kids, they make a Torpedo which uses the same neoprene that goes into some of the more expensive suits, and we have had good luck with the flexibility and seam construction of Blueseventy’s gear.


Description of Atom II

The manufacturer HUUB description of Atom II: “Atom II is the makeover of our popular junior wetsuit.. With its redesigned panels and graphics this thermal lined wetsuit ensures budding athletes stay warm while being encouraged to swim with the correct body position thanks to the unique 3mm neoprene. Good body position is not a major weakness in junior athletes, but good practice in a wetsuit will assist pool swim events for junior athletes.

Atom II wetsuit has an unisex fit and has the buoyancy profile 3:3. Torpedo is available in S, M and L sizes. At HUUB they are aware that children grow up and they are offering an upgrade to the next size for a bit more than third of the price of a new one. Standart manufacturer price £139.99 ($194).

HUUB Atom II wetsuit purchase options by affiliates: and Amazon.

Reviews about Atom II

Here I gathered different reviews about Huub Atom II wetsuit from different sources.

Reviews on the “Huub” website.


Description of Kids Adventure

The manufacturer Zone 3 description of Kids Adventure: “The Adventure wetsuit is designed with a lot of the features used in the adult collection but with some slight changes to make them more specific for age range.”

Kids Adventure fabric is designed to be more durable than a high end wetsuit so the suit can last a number of seasons or be passed on to somebody younger once it’s been grown out of. The suit is available in three sizes, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14. Standard manufacturer price £589 ($737).

Zone3 Kids Adventure wetsuit purchase options by affiliates:

Reviews about Kids Adventure

Here I gathered different reviews about Zone 3 Kids Adventure wetsuit from different sources.

Review on the “Zone3” website.

Video on the Youtube channel “Innovative Sports“, dated March 7, 2016


Description of Openwater SW

Orca Opensquad wetsuit model is the kids model from their Open Water line. Other models for adults in this line are called Open Water Core and Open Water SW. It is one of the safest wetsuits for open water swimming, because it has a lot of bright orange color and can be seen in the water.

The manufacturer Orca description of Opensquad: “The Openwater Squad kid’s wetsuit offers high visibility for open water safety with bright neon orange sleeves. There is no way your kid’s won’t stand out in the open water! Full 1.5-2.5mm Yamamoto neoprene coverage provides great freedom of movement in the water. So if you’re looking for a high-visibility solution for your kids to safely enjoy the open water, and get out there with you in the sea, then the Openwater Squad is what you need! Orca Openwater Squad. Conquer the seven seas with great visibility!

Neoprene thickness of 1.5-2.5mm. Yamamoto neoprene all over, this suit is super flexible and warm. And with a cut that’s specially designed for kid’s, and available just in kid’s sizes, they’ll experience the best freedom of movement in the open water.Standard manufacturer price Eur 182 ($150).

Purchase options by affiliates: Triathlete Sports.

Reviews about Opensquad

Here I gathered different reviews about Orca Opensquad wetsuit from different sources.

No reviews yet found.


Description of Kids Volt

The manufacturer Xterra description of Kids Volt: “The XTERRA Volt is the ultimate triathlon wetsuit now available in a suit meant for kids. The Kids Volt is comfortable, durable, fast and affordable. Get maximum flexibility with 3/2mm neoprene construction.  

In terms of sizing, remember that teenagers may start to size into our Mens and Womens XS. Bouyancy – front 5.0 mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles, back 3 mm and arms/shoulders 1.5 mm. Standard manufacturer price €206 ($250).

Reviews about Kids Volt Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about Kids Volt wetsuits from different sources.

Review on the “Complete Tri” website, dated June 2, 2017.


Description of Kid Ocean Wetsuit

The manufacturer Z3ROD description of Kid Ocean: “Inspired from the adult version, the Z3R0D Ocean kid wetsuit is made in our 385 FLEX neoprene.Easy to get on and off, it will keep youngsters warm and afloat while providing good support buoyancy, flexibility and comfort.”

Standard manufacturer price €160 ($200).

Reviews about Z3ROD Kid Ocean Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about Z3ROD Kid Ocean wetsuit from different sources.

No reviews yet found.


Description of KIDS MECH2 Wetsuit

The manufacturer Dare2Tri description of KidS MACH2: “The MACH2 is packed with features. Using high quality neoprene and specially constructed  high stretch shoulders, underarms and arms panels provides flexibility where it matters. The smooth skin surface coating improved hydrodynamics without compromising on comfort. ”

Kids MACH2 neoprene thickness 2 mm under arms, 2,5 mm under arm construction, 5mm main chest panel, 3,5 mm in lower legs and 5 mm in upper legs. Standard manufacturer price €189.99 ($231).

Reviews about Kids MECH2 Wetsuit

No reviews yet found.

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