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Adrenaline Wetsuit

January 31, 2021

In this post you can find information about the Synergy Adrenaline wetsuit – description and key features from the manufacturer website plus added reviews and experiences from users.

Description of Adrenaline Wetsuit

The manufacturer Synergy description of Adrenaline: “This tri wetsuit was originally developed for World Champion Emma Cummerford. Emma needed an incredibly flexible suit because she had injured her shoulder. The Adrenaline is extremly flexable and has optimum balance. This style is considered one of the best wetsuits on the market because it has all the features of the Synergy Fullsleeve Hybrid without the Aerodome neoprene!”

Adrenaline is suitable for all levels of recreational to elite athletes looking for high performance equipment at a great value. 5mm thick core buoyancy panel / 3mm lower legs and back / 2mm arms and shoulders. Models available for men and women. Standard manufacturer price €329 ($400).

Key Features of Adrenaline Wetsuit

  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – The Adrenaline is designed along the same feature rich parameters as the elite Synergy Hybrid with one exception. It uses hydrodynamic SCS silicone coated SyPrene in the main HiFlex panel in the torso and upper legs whereas the Hybrid uses Yamamoto AeroDome for those panels. This makes the Adrenaline more flexible and more subtle.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY – Full range of motion. Unsurpassed 680 percent flexibility. Highest grade anti corrode internal wetsuit zipper from YKK which greatly reduces drag as you move through the water. Super soft low neck with smoothskin on both sides and because it is so soft, it feels like you hardly have anything around your neck.
  • MAXIMUM BUOYANCY – 5mm wetsuit, which is the maximum buoyancy allowed in triathlon wetsuits. Creates nearly double the buoyancy than 3mm suits, which are not recommended for cold waters. Float higher. Move faster. Save energy.

Reviews about Adrenaline Wetsuit

Here I gathered different reviews about Adrenaline wetsuit from different sources. I hope it will help you form your impression about the Adrenaline wetsuit.

Video on the Youtube channel “Princeton Leighton“, dated September 23, 2020

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