Ten swimmers who completed a swim as a gift for the 100th anniversary of Latvia
About Ingus

About Ingus

August 12, 2019
That's Ingus who crated the website Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews
That’s me – Ingus.
Photo by Ģirts Freijs

Hi and welcome to the Triatlon Wetsuit Reviews website. Swimming has been my passion for around 10 years already. I am passionate for sports and have participated in running competitions and mountain bike races ranging from mid distance till ultras. Around 2010 I got interested in triathlon and wanted to try it out. I liked the experience and joined a fantastic amateur triathlon team “Ironman.lv” which is based in Rīga, Latvia. In that time started my “love affair” with swimming. Slowly I switched form triathlon to open water swimming, particularly aiming for marathon swimming.

The gift for the 100th anniversary of Latvia

Swimmer team who completed a swim as a gift for the 100th anniversary of Latvia
The 10 swimmer team which completed the swim dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia. Photo by Ģirts Freijs 

2018 was the year of the 100th Anniversary of Latvia. Together with some friends we decided to present a gift for Latvia in a form of a marathon swim from Kolka Horn to Ainaži accros the Rīga Bay. The distance was 100 km and we composed a team of 10 swimmers. The motto of the swim was “100 for 100”. It was a stage swim and we completed it in 35 hours. It was something fantastic and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


In a search of a triathlon wetsuit

I like cold water swims, nevertheless I can’t swim for a long time without wetsuit. Because of the warmth, security feeling and buoyancy I like to swim in a triathlon wetsuit. During my triathlon days and now it was always a bit tricky to find a wetsuit for swimming. There are a lot of good brands and you can find information on their websites, though you have to go to a lot of websites and additionally it is very useful to read also some reviews which adds to the websites which you have to find and read through. I would say the information is scattered and it takes a lot of time to find the websites, to analyze the information, to make comparisons and then to make a choice. Wouldn’t it be useful and time sparing to have it all in one website?!

The goal of this website

My goal is to create a website as a merger for all the information regarding triathlon wetsuits as a help for people who are looking to buy a triathlon wetsuit. I will gather the latest information from the manufacturer websites, summarize the reviews from the internet as well as add user experiences. You can read more about my own experience in my post.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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